With spiraling property prices and smaller sections becoming the norm in many urban areas, more and more New Zealanders are investing in Lifting their property, and adding a storey underneath.

Lift & Build

With our High Lift (3 metres), House Lifters can raise, then build your extra Living or Commercial space / Self-contained unit / Rental / Garage or Basement. We can Project Manage the entire process, including Design Plans, Building Consent/s, and (if required) Resource Consent.

House Lifters is unusual in the Lifting industry for having in-house Registered Engineers, Project Managers, Designers, and a team of Licensed, Certified Builders. We also have access to a vast network of trusted tradespeople.

Our Directors, Rod and Stuart Moore, have a wealth of construction experience; including multi-level Commercial projects. OUR TEAM


Engineered Designs

All Lifts are designed, overseen and signed off by one of House Lifters Registered Engineers, and all our Lifting equipment is designed and certified by a Registered Engineer.  
Mechanical Jacking - There’s no limit to the size or weight we can Lift, and our unique systems are recognised internationally for pin-point accuracy:

  • Computer-controlled, Synchronised Hydraulic Lifting equipment
  • Pump-operated Uniform Jacking equipment