New Zealand’s Lifting & Levelling Specialists

House Lifters New Zealand is known for our precise Lifting, Sliding, Levelling and Foundation work. Our Lifting expertise includes lifting houses for repiling, basement conversions, renovations, subsidence works and house re-positioning. House Lifters North Island head office is in Auckland, our South Island head office is in Christchurch.

House Lifters also has the capacity and experience to undertake the rebuilding and re-levelling of earthquake-damaged foundations. This includes residential and commercial properties damaged by the November 2016 earthquakes.

Disaster Recovery

In response to the Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes, House Lifters developed ingenious Mechanical Jacking equipment recognised world-wide for their accuracy and efficiency:

  • Computer-controlled, Synchronised Hydraulic Lifting equipment
  • Pump-operated Uniform Jacking equipment

Our systems are far superior to ‘old school’, manually-controlled Bottle Jacks still used by many other companies. House Lifters doesn’t use Bottle Jacks - they point load foundations, are inaccurate and very slow to work with. We stepped up to the next level: our hydraulic-controlled equipment provides accuracy, uniform levelling/lifting pressure in all jacks, and spreads loads around the full system.

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Engineered Designs

House Lifters is unusual in the industry for having in-house Registered Engineers, and Licensed, Platinum Certified Builders. Our experience, proven expertise and innovative technology enable us to work on complex projects other companies find challenging, including:

Lifting & Levelling

House Lifters uses modern, safe, highly-accurate equipment.

When replacing foundations, this method of moving large or older buildings is low-risk, fast and economical for our clients.


House Lifters lift, re-level, repair and build Foundations:

  • Re-Levellable Armadillo™ Jacking Pads
  • Full & Partial Foundation Replacement
    (Required after Lifting or Sliding buildings)
  • Full Slab Replacement, GPR Scan
  • Full Re-piling
    (Required by many insurers for older homes)
  • Screw Piling: Ground Screws Anchoring System
  • TC2 & TC3 Foundations
  • Foundations & Piles for New Builds

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Unique Armadillo™ Foundation System

House Lifters is an Accredited contractor for the revolutionary Armadillo™ system. It’s the only system in New Zealand which can be re-levelled via external jacking cavities (other systems re-level via internal works in the slab). We use Armadillo™ for TC3 and Commercial buildings.   

The Armadillo’s patented interweaving design is far stronger than conventional waffle slab designs. It can also lower the piling cost (if piles are required); being able to withstand supports spaced up to 10 x 10m. Armadillo™ also requires less digging and ground improvement - speeding up installation, significantly lowering your labour costs!



House Lifters’ Licensed, Platinum Certified Builders have a vast network of trusted contractors. We can Project Manage the entire process, including Design Plans and Consents.

With our High Lift, you can also add value and make the most of your property and section by adding:

  • An extra storey
  • Rental / Self-contained Unit / Granny Flat
  • Internal Access Garage
  • Basement Conversion

Lifting and adding a storey helps alleviate the problems of prohibitive property prices and urban sprawl (particularly important in Auckland city and Greater Auckland).

Specialised Services

lifting sliding

High or Low House Lifting
& Sliding


Floor Relevelling: Foundations, Slabs, Piles


Foundation Piles, Ground Stabilisation, Relevelling

concrete foundations

Replacement/New Builds: Foundation, Slab, Piles

Subsidence Works

Foundations, Slabs, Piles
Ground Stabilisation

basement conversions

Design, Lift & Build: Add A Storey


Alterations, Extensions,
Add a Storey

flood management

Flood Protection for flood-prone/at-risk properties

heritage buildings

E.g. Villas, character homes, churches, halls, schools

hill sites

Hill & Coastal sites, TC2, TC3…
No site is too complex.


Disaster Response, Earthquake Repairs, Flood Management

house moving

House Moving – Relocation ( Auckland only )

Commercial Heavy Lifting & Levelling

House Lifters’ Commercial Division - Meccanico - specialises in mechanical jacking for Commercial and Industrial buildings and infrastructure; any large, heavy structure or load which needs to be moved. Meccanico’s unique Modular Synchronised Positioning System is New Zealand’s most advanced heavy lifting system, and has virtually unlimited lifting capacity: up to 6000 tonnes.

Learn more: www.meccanico.co.nz

House Lifters works to the highest standards of workmanship, Health & Safety.