Lifting / Sliding


House Lifters is the only New Zealand company providing a complete residential lifting, sliding and levelling service. We are mechanical jacking specialists, with a North Island head office in Auckland and South Island head office in Christchurch.

Our services can include:                    

  • Levelling/Relevelling
  • Full/partial Foundation replacement
  • Concrete Foundations & Repairs
  • Repiling
  • Basement Conversions
  • Subsidence Works
  • House Relocation


Engineered Solutions

Each lift and slide is designed and calculated by one of House Lifters’ engineers. There’s no limit to the size or weight House Lifters can lift or slide, and no site is too technical. Our unique, Modular Synchronised Positioning System was custom-designed by engineers for even the most complex projects, including sites where access would normally be very difficult.

For foundation work we lift and level the house (or perform a low lift and slide), demolish the foundations, dig out and improve the ground, build the new foundations, lower the house and fix it onto the foundations.

Low Lift 1.5 metres / High Lift 3 metres

A high lift provides much easier, safer access and room for House Lifters’ team, trucks and diggers to demolish and excavate underneath. We use beams for obstruction-free access, and our ingenious Ground Screw Anchoring System for bracing. A high lift also provides the option of adding a storey underneath – e.g. a basement conversion.  

House Lifters were engaged to re-level our earthquake damaged two storey, concrete house in lower Cashmere, which is on a steep site with difficult access. Engaging House Lifters proved an excellent decision. They started work on the agreed date, the various stages were started when they said they would be and despite some shocking weather along the way, they finished ahead of schedule. Despite having large quantities of spoil to deal with, they kept the site tidy from start to finish. They kept me informed of what was happening through weekly reports and frequent emails, and were pleasant and professional to work with. And perhaps the most impressive thing was that they got the house level to within plus or minus 2mm, which is better than many new houses and a fantastic result for a house that was built in 1957. In short, I am a very happy client and am delighted to recommend House Lifters as a very capable, professional and effective organisation that is clearly capable of achieving excellent results.

Neil Challenger - Whenua Trust



Faster, safer, lower cost: Sliding is House Lifters’ preferred method for moving large or older homes – e.g. villas, heritage and character homes. We perform a low lift then slide the house in order to undertake work such as full or partial foundation replacement, to reposition the house if you wish to sub-divide, or purely to make better use of the section.

Sliding rural properties: Sliding is also particularly suited to rural properties which usually have ample space around them - making setting up and completing the slide an even faster process.


Sliding Process

House Lifters are innovators: we use our Ground Screw Anchoring System for setting out the Sliding equipment - enabling us to set up and perform slides much faster than traditional methods. We install screw piles, place engineered beams on the screw piles, then lift and slide the building. When foundation repairs are complete (full or partial foundation replacement), we slide the building back into place ready for Screw Pile Levelling, using our Ground Screw Systems.


House Lifting in action

Earthquake Repairs

If you’re Cash Settled or thinking about accepting a Cash Settlement, contact House Lifters to arrange a competitive quote for repairs. We have lifted and levelled hundreds of earthquake-damaged houses in Christchurch and Canterbury, including Heritage buildings.

Earthquake repairs

House Sliding in action

Specialised Services

lifting sliding

High or Low House Lifting
& Sliding


Floor Relevelling: Foundations, Slabs, Piles


Foundation Piles, Ground Stabilisation, Relevelling

concrete foundations

Replacement/New Builds: Foundation, Slab, Piles

Subsidence Works

Foundations, Slabs, Piles
Ground Stabilisation

basement conversions

Design, Lift & Build: Add A Storey


Alterations, Extensions,
Add a Storey

flood management

Flood Protection for flood-prone/at-risk properties

heritage buildings

E.g. Villas, character homes, churches, halls, schools

hill sites

Hill & Coastal sites, TC2, TC3…
No site is too complex.


Disaster Response, Earthquake Repairs, Flood Management

house relocations

Lifting, Foundations, Piles, Levelling, Renovation