Hill Sites

Hillside & Coastal Properties

We love a challenge. The harder the project, the more satisfaction we gain! House Lifters takes on highly-technical projects other companies find daunting.

House Lifters has the experience, technology and expertise to work on even the most challenging hill and coastal sites.

We’ve worked on hundreds of earthquake-damaged properties in New Zealand, and if the ground needs geotechnical remediation, House Lifters can stiffen and strengthen the upper soil layers.



Lifting, Levelling & Foundations

House Lifters is the only New Zealand company providing a complete Lifting, Levelling, and Foundation service; we re-level, repair and build Foundations. For TC3 Foundations we use the revolutionary Armadillo™ system.

Our ingenious Mechanical Jacking systems are recognised internationally for pin-point accuracy:

  • Computer-controlled, Synchronised Hydraulic Lifting equipment
  • Pump-operated Uniform Jacking equipment

The flexibility of House Lifters’ unique systems also means there’s no limit to the size or weight we can Lift or Slide.

Engineers & Builders: We’re unusual in the industry for also having an in-house Engineering team, a team of Licensed, Certified Builders, plus a vast network of trusted tradespeople for repairs and Renovations. All Lifting, Levelling and Foundation work is designed and signed off by one of our Registered Engineers.  OUR TEAM  |  ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS

Global Consent: Our innovative technology and adherence to the highest standards of workmanship, Health and Safety, contributed to House Lifters being granted Global Resource Consent for Lifting and Levelling. This speeds up the process and lowers clients’ costs considerably.


Our Licensed, Platinum Certified Builders have a vast network of trusted contractors. House Lifters can Project Manage the entire Renovation, including Design Plans and Consents. With our High Lift, you can also add another storey.


Cash Settled Earthquake Repairs

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When Rod saw the house and looked at the plans, he knew what needed to be done, and was enthusiastic about the challenge. But the other contractors I got quotes from, either I could tell that because the lift was so complex, they didn’t want to do it (and their prices reflected that)… Or their methodology of how they were going to do it, didn’t give me confidence.

Matt Russell - Christchurch

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Specialised Services

lifting sliding

High or Low House Lifting
& Sliding


Floor Relevelling: Foundations, Slabs, Piles


Foundation Piles, Ground Stabilisation, Relevelling

concrete foundations

Replacement/New Builds: Foundation, Slab, Piles

Subsidence Works

Foundations, Slabs, Piles
Ground Stabilisation

basement conversions

Design, Lift & Build: Add A Storey


Alterations, Extensions,
Add a Storey

flood management

Flood Protection for flood-prone/at-risk properties

heritage buildings

E.g. Villas, character homes, churches, halls, schools

hill sites

Hill & Coastal sites, TC2, TC3…
No site is too complex.


Disaster Response, Earthquake Repairs, Flood Management

house relocations

Lifting, Foundations, Piles, Levelling, Renovation