Health & Safety

On The Level

House Lifters always works to achieve perfection. This includes our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship, Health and Safety.

Our team includes in-house Registered Engineers, and Licensed, Platinum Certified Builders (unusual in our industry). Every Lifting project we undertake is designed, overseen and signed off by one of our Registered Engineers, and all our Lifting equipment is designed and certified by a Registered Engineer. 

For our Renovation work, House Lifters also has a network of trusted Tradespeople - all vetted very carefully, as we won’t accept sub-standard work.


Lifting, Sliding & Levelling

We use modern, safe, highly-accurate equipment. When replacing foundations for larger buildings, we prefer to use our low-risk, Sliding and Horizontal Positioning system.

House Lifters DOESN’T use Bottle Jacks - they point load foundations, are inaccurate and very slow to work with. Our hydraulic-controlled equipment provides accuracy, uniform levelling/lifting pressure in all jacks, and spreads loads around the full system.

To effectively manage site hazards, all House Lifters team members involved in being on work sites, are 
Site Safe registered.

We’re committed to on-going Site Safe training, and to following Best Practice Guidelines.

SiteWise assesses and grades House Lifters’ Health & Safety practices and capability.

This information can be viewed online by approved contractors and organisations; making the Tendering process much more efficient.

Our Platinum Certified Builders have been assessed and approved as having the abilities needed to deliver excellent workmanship.

This Certification also gives our clients a Homefirst 10-Year Builders Guarantee.

Our expertise contributed to Environment Canterbury granting House Lifters Global Resource Consent.

This allows us to Lift buildings on sites throughout Christchurch and Canterbury; saving our clients time and money.

House Lifters has provided Inovo Projects with service above and beyond the norm.
Their Health and Safety is impeccable, quality of work is superb, and they’re always endeavouring to come up with ways to complete tasks in a more efficient, safer and cost-savvy manner.

Matt Cain - Building Estimator/Project Manager, Inovo