Engineered Solutions

Lifting, Sliding & Levelling: Engineered Designs

House Lifters is unusual in the Lifting industry for also having in-house, Registered Engineers. Their in-depth understanding of building construction enables them to accurately assess which Lifting/Sliding and Levelling methods are best for each building. 


House Lifters achieves extremely precise Floor Level results. All Lifts and Slides are designed, overseen and signed off by one of our Registered Engineers. To perform our work as accurately, efficiently and safely as possible, House Lifters invested heavily in the very best equipment. We commissioned a team of Engineers to custom-design our unique Lifting, Sliding and Levelling kit:

  • Internal Lifting Beams for Slab Levelling  
  • Computer-controlled, Mechanical Jacking - synchronised, pump-operated Hydraulic design
  • Uniform Lifting & Levelling pressure in all Jacks - loads spread evenly around the full system

Earthquake Repairs

House Lifters has the experience and technology to provide engineered solutions for even the most challenging earthquake-damaged properties other companies find daunting, e.g. Commercial, Hill Sites, TC2 and TC3 land. CASH SETTLED? READ MORE

We can also undertake Renovations, and small-to-medium Commercial Construction projects; design to build.



House Lifters also works in conjunction with highly-experienced consulting Engineers:

Barry Knowles

RB Knowles & Associates

BSc, ME (Civil), CEng (UK), MICE, CPEng (NZ), RIPNZ, IntPEng

Barry has considerable experience in the provision of Jacking equipment for heavy Lifts of various types, and supervision of Lifts. This includes, following the Canterbury earthquakes, designing Lifting equipment and checking setups for Lifting and Sliding houses.


barry knowles

sam richards

Sam Richards

Managing Director
Richards Consulting Engineers

CPEng, MIPENZ, BE (hons)

Sam worked in engineering consultancies and with local government, before establishing RCE in 2009. He has design and construction management experience across a range of sectors, including residential, commercial, education, industrial, agricultural and flood protection.


The lift was very technical… I looked into House Lifters methods and equipment - it was reassuring to see they’d invested heavily in hi-tech plant. The other contractors I got quotes from, either I could tell that because the lift was so complex, they didn’t want to do it (and their prices reflected that)… Or their methodology of how they were going to do it, didn’t give me confidence.

When Rod saw the house and looked at the plans, he knew what needed to be done, and was enthusiastic about the challenge.

Specialised Services

lifting sliding

High or Low House Lifting
& Sliding


Floor Relevelling: Foundations, Slabs, Piles


Foundation Piles, Ground Stabilisation, Relevelling

concrete foundations

Replacement/New Builds: Foundation, Slab, Piles

Subsidence Works

Foundations, Slabs, Piles
Ground Stabilisation

basement conversions

Design, Lift & Build: Add A Storey


Alterations, Extensions,
Add a Storey

flood management

Flood Protection for flood-prone/at-risk properties

heritage buildings

E.g. Villas, character homes, churches, halls, schools

hill sites

Hill & Coastal sites, TC2, TC3…
No site is too complex.


Disaster Response, Earthquake Repairs, Flood Management

house relocations

Lifting, Foundations, Piles, Levelling, Renovation