Concrete Foundations & Repairs

House Lifters New Zealand lifts, levels, repairs and builds house foundations - including concrete piles, slabs (slab on grade), and foundations for new builds. Our experienced, specialist foundation teams are based in Auckland and Christchurch.


Concrete Foundation & Slab Replacement


Concrete Perimeter (Ring) Foundations

When concrete foundations become out of level, many of them crack and break – especially older, unreinforced foundations. The best solution is full or partial foundation replacement. For full foundation replacement, we usually lift the house. Using House Lifters’ unique, hydraulic synchronised jacking system, we perform a low lift (1.5 metres), or high lift (3 metres) and bring the house back to level. We then demolish and replace the foundation. Each lift is designed and calculated by one of House Lifters’ engineers.

For partial foundation replacement, we *jack the house back up to level, then demolish and replace small, localised areas of the foundation. (*Hydraulic, computer-controlled Mechanical Jacking - not Bottle Jacks, which are inaccurate and inefficient.)


Concrete Floor Slabs (Slab On Grade)

House Lifters excavates around the perimeter to gain access under the foundation, then we carefully lift the floor and slab together in a very precise, controlled lift (unlike traditional methods, which can damage the floor and slab as they’re lifted). If better access is required for our team, trucks and diggers to demolish and excavate, House Lifters can perform a 3-metre high lift.

Mechanical Slabjacking System: House Lifters’ repair options include the Slabjack system. This uses temporary screw piles and brackets, combined with a low-mobility grout injected into the voids to lift and level concrete slabs. 

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar): A GPR Scan is a vital part of House Lifters’ Quality Assurance before sign-off. After levelling the concrete slab, we use GPR to scan it and ensure there aren’t any voids under the slab. If there are voids, grout is pumped in to fill the voids. GPR is non-destructive; it uses electromagnetic radar pulses to image subsurface structures and detect reflected signals.

Unique Armadillo™ Foundation System: House Lifters is an Accredited contractor for the revolutionary Armadillo™ system. It is the only foundation system in New Zealand which can be-levelled via external jacking cavities (other systems re-level via internal works in the slab). Armadillo™ can also be used for TC3 category land. The Armadillo’s patented interweaving design is far stronger than conventional waffle slab designs. It can also lower piling costs (if piles are required); by being able to withstand supports spaced up to 10 x 10 metres. Armadillo™ also requires less digging and ground improvement - speeding up installation, significantly lowering your labour costs!



Screw Piles (Ground Screw Anchoring System)

A less-invasive, faster and cost-effective option for strengthening concrete foundations and supporting the house (including earthquake-damaged properties, and properties needing earthquake strengthening). No digging or concrete filling is required, so Screw Piles also create fewer disturbances for neighbours. Screw Piles can be left in place permanently or used as temporary support while House Lifters lifts and re-levels concrete foundations and slabs.

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