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Taking Properties To The Next Level

House Lifters was initially formed to assist with Lifting, Sliding and Re-levelling buildings after the Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes. We soon gained a reputation for providing unique, engineered solutions to complex problems. House Lifters now works on Residential projects throughout New Zealand.

Our foundation work includes rebuilding and re-levelling foundations of properties damaged by the November 2016 earthquakes.

House Lifters' North Island head office is in Auckland, our South Island head office is in Christchurch. CONTACT US

Internationally-Recognised Expertise

House Lifters’ precision and innovation have been recognised by offshore companies, who approach us for advice, and potential assistance for Lifting projects. Our ingenious Mechanical Jacking systems are recognised internationally for pin-point accuracy - earning our reputation for having the best team and equipment in New Zealand.

Our Directors, Rod Moore and Stuart Moore, have a wealth of construction experience; from new homes and renovations, to multi-level Commercial construction projects - including Christchurch International Airport, and Government contracts.

House Lifters is unusual in the Lifting industry for having in-house Registered Engineers, Designers, and Licensed, Platinum Certified Builders. We also have a vast network of skilled, reliable contractors to assist with Renovations. 


I knew Rod Moore from working in the building industry, plus I looked into House Lifters methods and equipment - it was reassuring to see they’d invested heavily in hi-tech plant.

Stuart Moore has been building for many, many years, which also gave me confidence… Plus Stu, House Lifters Site Manager, is very experienced - he’s not a ‘shiny-shoes’ person who doesn’t know what they’re doing (there are a lot of new house lifting companies in Christchurch).

Matt Russell - Christchurch

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Reasons to choose House Lifters


UNIQUE: We’re the only New Zealand company providing a complete Lifting & Levelling service.

MECHANICAL JACKING EQUIPMENT: Computer-controlled, Synchronised Hydraulic Lifting equipment & Pump-operated Uniform Jacking equipment. Accurate, with uniform levelling/lifting pressure in all jacks; loads spread around the full system.

NO LIMIT to size or weight House Lifters can Lift / Slide.

NO BOTTLE JACKS! They point load foundations, are inaccurate and very slow to work with.


IN-HOUSE Registered Engineers, Designers & Licensed, Platinum Certified Builders.

VAST NETWORK of trusted contractors for Renovations.


GLOBAL RESOURCE CONSENT for Lifting & Levelling in Christchurch and Canterbury; faster completion, lower costs!