Commercial (Meccanico)

Meccanico: Mechanical Jacking Specialists

House Lifters’ Commercial Division, Meccanico, operates throughout New Zealand – including Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Meccanico performs heavy vertical lifting and levelling for any large, heavy structure or load which needs to be moved. This includes Commercial and Industrial buildings and infrastructure, warehouses, bridges, ships, large historic/heritage buildings, churches and multi-level multi-unit buildings such as hotels and apartment buildings. The Holmatro syncronised system has a number of key safety features during the jacking procedure including mass monitoring , maximum loads per lift point and accuracy tolerances of 0.1 mm between cylinder displacements.

Meccanico is unique: providing a bespoke, end-to-end heavy lifting and levelling service, which can also include major works such as:


Horizontal Positioning

Lift & controlled Slide for repositioning

Seismic Base Isolation

Minimising earthquake damage

Structural & Earthquake Strengthening

For earthquake-prone and at-risk buildings

Roof Lifting & Propping
Engineering & Surveying
Excavation & Demolition
Concreting & Backfilling



New Zealand’s most advanced Heavy Lifting System

Unique Modular Synchronised Positioning System: Meccanico’s high-pressure hydraulic jacking system is the only heavy lifting system in New Zealand with the advanced technology to perform heavy lifts so quickly and accurately.

Custom-designed, built and certified by a highly-respected, experienced engineering team in the Netherlands, Meccanico’s lifting system took Europe’s largest hydraulic specialist months to build. It has virtually unlimited lifting capacity: up to 6000 tonnes.


New Zealand’s largest Heavy Lifting & Levelling company

Regarded by many as being the best lifting and levelling team in New Zealand, Meccanico is unusual in the New Zealand lifting industry for also having in-house registered engineers and Licensed, Platinum Certified builders.

Meccanico’s South Island head office is in Christchurch, the North Island head office is in Auckland.

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Case Study:
Sudima Hotel

Christchurch Airport

The scope of the project required full strip out, re-strengthening and refurbishment to be completed in just four months. The hotel's Lincoln wing and Roosevelt wing were damaged from the main February 2011 earthquake. New foundations, block walls and structural steel were installed to bring the wings back up to 67% of the NBS, so they could be reoccupied. The project was very challenging due to the compressed timeframe, but our team delivered in every aspect.