See how The Block’s Alice and Caleb transform a dilapidated 1960s house

Renovating a rundown home can take far longer than you think – even for The Block NZ veterans Alice and Caleb.

The reality of home renovation is that good things take time, and what Alice, Caleb and their team eventually achieved is a blend of mindful restoration and good design. The home is now not only a beautiful, light-filled space, but also an extremely liveable one.

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 Historic cottage left high-and-dry

Albert Park's historic caretaker's cottage is on the move, but don't worry it's not going far.

The 136-year-old heritage building has been hoisted two metres into the air in order to replace its crumbling foundations.

The vertical move is part of a council plan to restore its heritage buildings but instead of using traditional methods, the council has opted for a company that uses cutting-edge lifting technology developed after the Christchurch earthquakes.

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Building lifter takes post-quake technology to rest of NZ

Commercial lifting company Meccanico is harnessing the experience it learned from the Christchurch earthquakes and putting it into practice in Auckland and Wellington.

With contracts tendered for re-levelling Wellington's Town Hall among others, the company has had the benefit of some unusual jobs, including lifting a castle that was subsiding.

One of the most obvious advantages of lifting a structure is saving buildings that might otherwise be demolished, including heritage and historic buildings.

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 Thousands of Christchurch homeowners 'in limbo' over unknown quake damage


The Earthquake Commission has admitted to 1 NEWS there could be thousands of homeowners in Christchurch whose homes have extensive quake damage, that they're unaware of. 

Mike Stewart and Julia McEntyre are one of a growing number of Christchurch families who've bought homes since the earthquake, with documentation from EQC stating the property had been fixed.

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Grey Lynn villa renovation involved moving the house, twice gallery video

Character villas line most streets in Grey Lynn, Auckland, but time isn't always on their side.

The owners of this century-old villa had loved it for years, but they knew it needed major work before they could move in with their young family.

Dougal and Faye Swift, with children Rocco, 2, and Adan, 1, now have a house that looks and feels like new, but it's been a long, hard slog to get there.

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